“Being prepared for a media event can mean the difference between failure and success.”
“Engaging local communities can be a key to success when implementing public awareness or behavioral change campaigns.”
“Effective political communications is about setting the agenda, providing persuasive arguments, and generating broad based support.”
“We owe it to future generations to preserve the magnificent animal kingdom. Communications has a vital role in this quest.”

Who We Are

Sochin Ltd. is an integrated communications agency committed to helping our clients generate superior performance. We achieve this by providing intelligent communications counsel and solutions to dynamic and issues focused organizations operating in Africa. Our team is used to working on complex assignments and operating in challenging environments, and we excel in conditions where others do not see solutions. We are proud to have individuals in our firm who are analytical, creative, innovative and always results-oriented.

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Etymology of Sochin

The fifteen stroke Chinese character for Sochin signifies a small wagon wheel, made out of sturdy wood, that never stops spinning. In Western culture, the wheel signifies intellectual powers and human advancement. These attributes are insinuated in the emblem for the East African Community which features a red colored industrial wheel surrounding the five partner states.

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